Getting Started: Microsoft Virtual Academy

A big part of starting something is figuring out just where to begin. While some people will tell you that the answer is to just sit down and code, others may find jumping into the deep-end a little daunting. I count myself amongst the latter, so finding something to give me a framework with which to play is a definite plus.

While I refer to a lot of blogs, web searching, and StackOverflow, I’ve also found use from Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). It’s a great resource as all the material is from Microsoft and their experts, so you know the information is reliable. Further, there are features for tracking what sessions you want to view and what you have viewed. It may seem like extra stuff, but when you’re trying to layout a learning plan it comes in handy.

So this begs the question; Where to start? Well, for me, I like to start with the basics. In the case of Windows 8 (or 8.1) that means getting a handle on the essentials:

Of course, covering C# basics isn’t much good if you want to work in HTML5 and JS. So have a look at these:

Once you have a feel for the basics, it’s important to flex your muscles. Getting a feel for some of the deeper elements is very important, especially when it comes to doing some creative functionality and UX. For that:

The really great part is that the videos are cut up to give you the major topics without having to watch the whole item (though I do recommend it).

You won’t necessarily find everything you need at MVA, but it’s definitely a good addition to your bag of tricks.

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