A Step to the Left

There’s starting to be a lot of Virtual and Augmented Reality options. While some aren’t quite as obvious (I contend that Google Glass and its ilk have some interesting possibilities in this area), others are finding traction in the gaming world (I’m looking at you, Oculus Rift).

I have to admit, I’m a very big fan of William Gibson; in particular Neuromancer and the Sprawl Trilogy. The thought of the Matrix and Gibson’s vision of cyberspace as something you visited in a very immersive way was (and still is) really cool for me.

Why do I mention this? Because there’s a new product coming out called Pinć (currently on IndieGoGo) that works kind of like Gibson’s Matrix. Oh, and it’s being developed right here in Toronto.

Pinć is a hardware/software combo that works with your Android device or iPhone (currently, no Windows Phone love) and offers an interactive web experience. A pair of optical controllers go on your index fingers and allow you control via gestures.

While I’d like to see this on my Lumia, and be able to pretend I’m Case or a decker, I’m really excited to see the various devices starting to emerge in this space.

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