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Three of the thing: Hamburgers vs Ellipsis menus

A lot has been made of the hamburger menu as a recognized navigation item in Windows 10, especially for phone apps. The thing is, it’s a little bit like another collection of threes: The ellipsis menu button.

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I’m a coder, not a doctor: Triaging Bugs in Personal Projects

Just the other day I was asked what I initially thought was a simple question: “How do you triage bugs in a personal project?” In typical fashion, I over analyzed it, but outlined a system that met the questioner’s needs.

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Restore Windows Phone from backup

So Microsoft Canada has had this thing going on for a while now called the Developer Movement (Twitter and via #DevMov, Facebook). Basically, you build some apps, learn some new things, and win prizes. Back in March, they held an … Continue reading

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Build 2015 – Day 3

So I skipped the first couple of sessions today. I’m in San Francisco and I need to live a little. I mean they’re all on Channel 9, right? What did I do instead, you ask? Oh, nothing much. Just a … Continue reading

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