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A laptop by any other name: Surface Pro 3 review

I’m a tech junkie. I’ll admit it, I have too many old laptops and towers at home, but I managed to fight the urge to pick up a Surface Pro. It didn’t fit my needs, lacked grunt, whatever. I always … Continue reading

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Uh-oh: The absolute necessity of source control

So you added a new feature to your program and it required a few changes throughout the app. Then, once you test it, you realize it doesn’t work the way you wanted and you need to strip it out and … Continue reading

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The Gang’s all Here: Astoria, Islandwood, and Westminster

So there’s been a bit of a haze lately about Microsoft allowing for a few new ways of getting apps onto Windows 10 Mobile. (Code-) Namely, Astoria, Islandwood, and Westminster. Or, Android apps, Objective-C, and JavaScript apps.

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Missed it by that much…: Xamarin and cross-platform

For those working with apps, one of the major concerns is which platform to target. For me, I simply prefer C# as a language and Windows Phone as an OS. However, being everywhere is sometimes a concern, especially if your … Continue reading

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