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Missed it by that much…: Xamarin and cross-platform

For those working with apps, one of the major concerns is which platform to target. For me, I simply prefer C# as a language and Windows Phone as an OS. However, being everywhere is sometimes a concern, especially if your … Continue reading

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Global styles from a XAML file in Xamarin.Forms

So I’m learning Xamarin.Forms and there is a simple (in Windows 8, at least) thing I want to do. I want to make a master style form in XAML for all my various styles. The thing is, as of right … Continue reading

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Building an Open Data App – Part 7: Styles and Converters

So far we’ve grabbed a data set, supported it, stored it, parsed it, displayed it, and linked events to it. Not too shabby. Now, let’s give the user some meaningful data to make decisions with. Some of this will involve … Continue reading

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